A Little About Me


Hello. My name is-oh wait, I almost forgot. haha I’m on an international site, and all this can be seen worldwide! lol I am SO not putting my name on this. You can call me Purple though. I’ll make a different blog about why I chose that color, so look for it. Well, I’m almost 14; my birthday is January 19. I live in the countryside of Hawaii. Where I live, it’s pretty peaceful, besides all those annoying crows from chickens around my neighborhood. 🙂 School life is pretty hard, but I manage, somehow. hehe After school is a WHOLE different story. I don’t do much after school, besides going on the internet, playing on my facebook, listening to songs on my Playlist, watching anime on Shonen Sunday, typing tests, and when I’m DEAD BORED, I just surf the web. That reminds me, I enjoy few sports, and only played Volleyball in 7th grade and didn’t go anywhere else. That’s a whole different story, which I’ll also mention in a different blog. I enjoy swimming A LOT, but I’m not skinny, and I’m very self-conscious, so…yeah, that’s why I don’t go. lol Hmm…what else is there about me that I can share? I’m into anime, like Inuyasha, Death Note, and Bleach. Although with Bleach, I didn’t finish the manga, only three to be accurate. hehe I still enjoyed it though, and wish to finish that up. I might talk about anime/manga in another blog later too. I don’t want to cramp this one up, and trust me, I could. 😉 I enjoy Hawaiian food the most, then Japanese, or is it Chinese? I get those mixed up MULTIPLE times. Oh yeah, and I’m a night kind of person. 😉 I’ll mention why in a different blog, so watch out for all those other blogs I’ll have up soon. ^^ I can’t think of much now, so I’ll just put one more down for now. Why do you have a blog? It’s a question that should strike most. Why do people have diaries? Personal notebooks? And diaries and personal notebooks are different. With diaries, you have your deepest secrets in there, and protect it with your life. With personal notebooks, it’s like a daily log of your life, but not so serious as deep secrets and major protection. Oh, and I’ll put that topic up on a different blog as well. lol So much to type about, so little readers with the capacity to read that long. And I don’t blame you, I wouldn’t want to read through so much either. 🙂

I’ll be on my way now, off to make other blogs. Why you ask? Well, do you want to be reading one blog for minutes? I don’t think so. So I’ll space each topic out carefully, so there will only be few sentences for you to read. You’re welcome. 🙂 Nah, nah, I’m not that shallow. But you gotta admit, saying that is funny. 🙂


One Response to “A Little About Me”

  1. a little advice:
    tone it down with the smileys, they just annoy readers.
    don’t go off and do ten blogs all at one time. you’ll just end up abandoning them. i have experience in that field!!
    break up you posts. they are really long, and mess up the flow of your blog.
    categorize and tag your posts!!!! it’s a simple and easy way to gain readers. if you can’t figure out how to do so, just look carefully at the new post page!

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