Soul The Color Purple


I believe my soul is the color purple. I think this is so because I am truly a nice and loyal, beautiful person on the inside. Just as delicate and beautiful as the color purple. But that color isn’t just beautiful, it’s also dark. It’s mixed with darkness, which gives it its beautiful color as well. I’m not sure how my darkness makes me beautiful, I’m just mentioning the color purple. I have darkness within me, shrouding myself from everyone. I’m afraid of what other people think of me, so I don’t show my true colors. I love the color purple too. It’s sweet, magestic, beautiful, and delicate. But it’s also dark and mysterious, unknown and rare. There’s not much students in my school that are like me: mysterious, unknown. I can’t even be myself around my friends. The color purple has many sides to it, just like me. Loving, beautiful, sweet, dark, mysterious, an unknown place. It’s also delicate, like me. I have strong emotions, and can get beaten down easily. I’m also mysterious at school, showing no emotions whatsoever, besides a smile or stare once in a while. One characteristic of myself that I just recently noticed is that I don’t smile! It pains me to realize that a super frown is what everyone at school sees on my face. Do my friends see it too? We talk normally with each other though. Well, at least I do. I also don’t talk a lot either. The color purple doesn’t seem to want to be in the spotlight nor be in the background. It just wants to be appreciated. I’m like that too. I may be only 14, but I take all kinds of age surveys and the results say that my mind ranges from 40-50. Although I DO like having maturity, it’s also a burden, not having all that innocence that kids do. I’m only 14 and I feel like an adult already! It’s insane, my life. Is it because I think too deeply about myself? My actions? How I should act? It’s hard to say. Hmm…I don’t know what all that had to do with the color purple though. *blush* I get carried away sometimes. …See!? Only old people say that! *sigh* I’ll go now, before I say something else that’s off topic. I’ll see you later. Goodbye, for now. 🙂


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