Remember all those sites you signed up for, then getting emails from them? Remember the FIRST email you got from this site? Did you read that email? No? I didn’t either! xD I don’t read any of the emails I get from the sites I sign up to. lol It’s like, what’s the point? I can get around fine without introductions to that new site. Is that how you feel about those emails? Well you better straighten up your act! xD I couldn’t get my way around this site without that first email, and I’m lucky I looked at it! hehe It really did help me. So before you jump on that skyscraper horse of yours, just stay on the ground and take care of business! xD

*The previous and following was/is Purple in an attempt to be funny. If your day was spoiled by this, you fell asleep at your computer and only woke up right before school, resulting in tardiness and/or didn’t study for your test, or you died of boredome, got offended, or possibly enjoyed yourself, comment this blog. But if you liked the humor in this blog, something is probably wrong with you. Well, enjoy your day! 😀


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