Night Kind Of Person


I’m more of a night person. 😉 I mean, sure, day is cool too. You get to go wherever, soak up some vitamin D, but something about night just…lures me in. Like the temperature, it’s so icy and cool. Then the stars, and just the color of the sky. It’s like a dark hole, a never-ending darkness. It’s cool to look at. Then yeah, I sometimes just pass out cause my body can’t take staying up anymore, but if I manage to stay up, I can go on for hours. It’s hard to explain why the night is my favorite. Maybe it’s because I feel that fun can go on forever, that I can do anything forever. It’s like a carefree moment. It’s definitely that. Then at night, if there’s a storm, the lightning and the thunder just shine at night. I’m also a fan of lightning and thunder. 😉 I’ll mention that later. The nighttime also feel so…bad, I suppose. Like you can do whatever, like I already mentioned. It’s as if you’re on top of the world, capable of doing whatever. It’s such a rush to stay up. I’ve also tried walking at nighttime, and let me tell you, it is scare-ry. lol But the rush it gives me, I want to keep walking, just to be scared. Maybe I’m insane, maybe I’m not, but it doesn’t matter, in this post at least. I’ll go now, but trust me, I love the night.


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