Inuyasha: The Final Act episode 15


Hello again. This blog is about the final act episode 15: True Heir. I’m a huge fan of Sesshomaru, and ever since the final act began, I’ve been thinking that more and more times has he been suffering. I’ve never noticed before, but ever since Inuyasha was awakened from Kikyo’s spell by Kagome, Sesshomaru has been receiving mind-boggling blows. And in this episode, he gets hurt real badly. It pains me to see him that way. And in the, 13 I believe, he gets knocked in the skull with the knowledge that his father didn’t really care if Sesshomaru had any use for Tenseiga or not. It’s cruel for him to be getting pained so much. 😦 It really does hurt me. If you want to watch this episode, go to or to see all of The Final Act episodes. I prefer the first link to watch the 15 episode, but I think shonensunday is best, so you at least know all the names and the vids are already up there. Shonensunday even has the Inuyasha episodes. If you didn’t already realize, I’m a huge fan of the Inuyasha series. They’re so good, I just can’t stand not thinking of at least something related to it. hehe Well, I’ll leave this blog to you. If you want to leave a comment, go right on ahead. It would actually make my day. 🙂


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