My Music At The Moment


Just to change the subjects of the day to nice ones: Music. Everyone likes SOME kind of music, right? Well, 99% surely has to. The rest got some problems. lol Just kidding. But anyways, I’m always changing to different kinds of music, and I’m not even sure about the types. LOL I’m serious, I can’t categorize all that stuff. So the band I’m into now is Three Days Grace. OH…MY…GOD. Yup, it’s that crazy insane goth or something music. If you know the type of music, please comment it. What? You don’t think they’re not bad? Check their pic out:

Three Days Grace band members

THAT’S them. They look like frickin goths. lol But I’m only into certain music of theirs, mostly about pain, suffering, problems with the self. I don’t feel like listening to happiness, lost lovers, the like. I want to hear music concerning my soul, how I feel at the moment. Their music has this certain strength about it that makes me feel like I could go into action soon. Like my favorite is Animal I Have Become. It sounds so awesome. It’s about you being an animal but you don’t want to be one and you’re telling someone to help tame the animal within you. It’s so deep. Then another one I enjoy is Break. It’s about…man, I can’t describe it. It’s like how you feel at the moment, not normal and such. And it’s saying that if you don’t like that way of living, break away from it. There’s also World So Cold, but it’s about your lover leaving you and now you feel all detached and etc. I don’t neccissarily enjoy it, but if I don’t pay attention to the lyrics concerning the lover, it sounds cool, the music and beat etc. Another of those is No More, which is basically not wanting to live in fear anymore and you’re telling someone else about it, telling them to give you a reason to stay in the world in which you just live in fear. I don’t know how that neccissarily connects with me though. It just sounds cool I guess.

Well, enough of that for now. Do you know about music? About the different types? Do you sing? Famous? Used to be famous? Know someone in the singing biz? Know someone that makes music contracts? I know a person like that, but I’m too young to start singing. So do you have a favorite singer/band? Whatever is music related, shoot in a comment. šŸ™‚


2 Responses to “My Music At The Moment”

  1. I’ve been a guitarist for 18 years of my life. I enjoy everything from death metal to strait rock, to blues, southern rock, and classical.

    I can relate to listening to music that expresses how you feel. I did that for years of my life. These days though, I do things and see things that make me a happier, more clear-minded person. So now, I listen to songs and bands that express that. It’s also had a explosive effect on the vibe of my playing. I used to play guitar riffs and songs that were all in minor scale (all serious and dreary sounding). Now I play upbeath rhythms that people can smile and dance to. It’s just beautiful. šŸ™‚

    • Cool. I think my dad’s been playing guitar for 20+, cause he started in his twenties and he’s like in his fourties already. The way his fingers look after…lol He prefers things like christmas songs basically. haha That’s all I hear him playing. He sings along too. Do you?

      That’s nice. I would never play rock on any of my instruments, frankly cause I only play the flute. lol But it also looks bad on a fourteen year old mute (not really, i’m just shy). I hope my being able to only play low notes isn’t the effect of the rock I listen to. haha Probably not, cause I started playing months before I started listening to rock. But now I’m getting tired of the same ones, and I’m itching to find other rock songs. But like I said in my post Absence, at the moment I’m looking for flute music sheets for Inuyasha songs, so no time for searching for rock music.

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