I just updated my posts, adding categories for each (or trying to lol) and also tags. I only have one that I couldn’t figure out a category for it “Doi!”, but now that I think about it, random is probably the best category to place it. Could you read my post “Doi!”, in the Uncategorized section, and give me advice on where to put it? If you can come up with a category that I haven’t thought of, please mention it. Wait, gotta go back to the reason why I made this post. Like I told you, I only uncategorized one post, but there’s like 6 other posts mixed in with that category. I checked those posts to see if I had a check in the box near Uncategorized, but there’s no check. I don’t know what’s going on. Maybe it’s a short term glitch, that it’ll fix itself up later. Who knows. Does anyone have any advice for this matter? Please and thank you!


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