Do you know about the site called fml? The link is, and it’s super funny. I found one that was funny, really funny, and one that was hilarious. Here is the funny one:

  • “Today, I got into an argument with my 16 year old daughter. Towards the end of our fight, she screamed, ‘Go f*** a whale!’ just as my wife/her stepmother walked into the room. My daughter stared at her for a second, looked back at me, and said, ‘Go f*** YOUR whale.’ FML”

Haha. That was funny, but kind of usual. The next one, the really funny one, is better:

  • “I was babysitting my 2 y/o niece. I could tell she was hungry so I decided to make her a grille cheese sandwich for her. She took a bite. and pointed to the kitchen. She walked me over to trash bin, and pointed to the trash bin and spit the food out and gave me a dirty look. FML”

Ah, classic kid comedy. These are all in the Kid section, but toddlers acting up like that is priceless. Here’s one that I feel is hilarious:

  • “Today, I got in a fight with my daughter about her older boyfriend. She protested, saying that not every guy wanted to have sex with her. I responded with, ‘Maria, EVERY GUY wants to have sex with you.’ She paused, and said, ‘So you want to have sex with me too?’ FML”

xD oh em gee classic stupid girl act. Either that or she’s being a smart allic. Love this one.

So tell me, did you like the ratings I gave these fmls? Did you like the fmls at all? Which ones on the site do you enjoy most? I haven’t been there for a while, but today I went and now I’ll probably go there three times a week or so. It’s so good, but I do have things to do. Four, five days maybe. Don’t forget to comment your opinions!


2 Responses to “FML”

  1. What a funny stuff I ever found on the web. . . . . .

  2. This would be a great story for our site!

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