Stats Gone Loony?


And I’m pretty sure my stats are crazy because whenever I check them it always says there’s some sort of amount of viewers, but when I check to see who, the page says none. Weird. Am I checking the wrong place, or is it just my stats being mean? Like when I click on Dashboard, then Stats, that line graph that shows your viewer amount is there right? Well I clicked on the highest point, but the page’s section that tells you who visited said “none”. I’m getting pretty annoyed here. My spirit goes up when I see a high point, but then when I click on it, there’s no viewers. Oh no, I’m not getting discouraged by that, I’m just getting pissed. The graph is either lying to me or the viewer section is messing with me. Either way, their little joke isn’t funny. If the joke’s on me, if I looked at the wrong place, or went somewhere where what I was looking for wouldn’t be there, then the joke is literally on me. So go ahead. Either help me out or laugh at me. I don’t care if you laugh at me, as long as you help me out. ^_^

Well, there’s the option of just going away…but you wouldn’t do that to me, right???


8 Responses to “Stats Gone Loony?”

  1. Is the “none” under the ‘Referrers’ part or the ‘Top posts & pages’ part? As long as you’re getting views it doesn’t really matter. You can also go to the bottom of your stats page to see who has subscribed to your blog. I’ve been blogging altogether for about five months and I only have five subscribers. So don’t be worried if you don’t have any lol.

  2. I believe it’s Top posts & pages. I just checked as why. lol But if it says under viewers “none”, doesn’t that mean I have no viewers??? lol Woah! Holy hell! I didn’t know there was a bottom, and when I looked, it said I have 74 viewers!!! That thing MUST be off. Although it mentioned the correct amount of comments…>.> I don’t know. I guess viewers are fine enough, but what’s a true fan without a comment?
    Okay, I’ve made up my mind. I’m gonna read one of your blogs, nomatter if it takes me 30 seconds or a minute! *confident* lol Cause how long would it REALLY take me? not more than five minutes i’m POSITIVE. If not…>.< brain gonna be fried. haha We'll see. But I'll definitely give you a comment, willowbatel!

  3. Sometimes people can’t always comment without it sounding awkward or forced. I like a balanced amount of viewers and comments.
    Maybe you’re looking at your total views? If it’s under Top Posts & pages then its just telling you that no one looked at any one thing in particular. Although, it should at least tell you that your home page has been viewed.

  4. Just get on with posting and don’t wory about it, these things usually sort out, its probably nothing you have done, its just a bug in the system. Its a good way of getting visits to start with though:)

  5. I got no clue willowbatel. lol I don’t know, I’m trying everything I can think of to see who looked at what page, but nothing works. If it’s not on my stats homepage, then it’s nowhere I click. :/ It’s alright I suppose, at least I can check out who comments. With that info, I can at least return the favor with the ones who bothered to leave a comment. 🙂
    Ha. I’m worried though now, with what to post that people will actually enjoy. …I’ll sort something out sooner or later I guess. For now though, I’ll just post whatever I want to. I just wish there were more comments. Well, I’m just a beginner, and only put tags on my posts recently, so it can’t be helped. Wonder if I’ll need to use the same excuse when I’m not a newb anymore….^^”

    • Just write about whatever you want. As much as I love good stats, I get really tired of writing in a way that’s not my style. If people don’t like it, too bad for them. Usually the stats you get the day after you post something are the stats for that particular post.

  6. omg I just realized I spelt noob wrong. haha

  7. Oh and thanks for the advice Carl. 🙂

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