Inuyasha the Final Act: episode 17


omg. This episode REALLY got me going. I was SO pleased with what happened, I almost cried. To put it simply, through a series of touching events, Sesshomaru’s pride is on the line, and he refuses to let it go. Thus, he regains his left arm, along with a cool sword called Bakusaiga. It’s super powerful. I’m a HUMUNGOUS Sesshomaru fan, and ever since Inuyasha the Final Act came up, I’ve been feeling more and more down for him. The little gifts he’s gotten in Inuyasha the Final Act was taken away, like the Meido Zangetsuha. This episode, however, recovered all of his losses. Bakusaiga AND his left arm!? Even without the sword, his left arm is a GRAND gift! I’m so happy that this episode happened. It really is a great turnout for Sesshomaru, for once. I mean, Sesshomaru always wins, but in the end, something goes wrong. Something is figured out that’s bad for him. It hurts me real badly.

Do you feel the same way? Comment and let’s become great Sesshomaru fan friends! 😀 I’d love that. I mean it too. I haven’t found many people that are super uber fans, and finding some that are still out there would be lovely.

Also, although I post episodes here, to keep you from being completely out of the loop everytime you visit my blog, I have a different blog for Inuyasha posts and happenings, chats, etc. Here’s the link:

Check it out and we could really start something! I love Inuyasha, and have…even before I was 8, so that’s more than 6 years into Inuyasha. It’s my favorite anime ever (although I’ve only experienced two animes, one that i didn’t even finish lol) and I’ll never part with it. The passion I have for this anime flows deeper than…than anyone’s feelings should for a cartoon. hehe

I’ve watched Death Note and enjoyed it, except for the end… And with Bleach, I only read three of the manga. What kind of anime/manga have you tried? Which ones do you like? Love? Hate?


Leave a comment saying all that stuff and we can chat about it! See ya!


5 Responses to “Inuyasha the Final Act: episode 17”

  1. Yes, the left arm is really something, even without the sword. His right hand equals Inu’s two arm.
    Bakusaiga’s great, but Tenseiga, the healing one, is not rubbish :D. His father did leave him something after all.

    • lol Definitely stronger than Inuyasha. But Bakusaiga is actually much better, even though it did save Rin’s life…Well, it sucks cause it can only do that once. lol It’s better b/c Bakusaiga is sesshomaru’s sword, not from anyone else. Tenseiga was originally from Tetsusaiga, and what’s worse, it’s realized that Sesshomaru’s father really didn’t have a good reason to give Sesshomaru the sword.

  2. Had to dodge the spoilers here, but I too am a fan of InuYasha, though I haven’t seen any of “Final Act” yet.

    Death Note is one big mind game: I’ve seen the first half and watched all the movies.

    Bleach is…hit or miss. If you can struggle through to the Soul Society arc, it’s okay.

    Have you seen Full Metal Alchemist? That was my first anime and it’s quite good.

    • Oops, sorry about that. lol But you GOTTA watch the “Final Act” episodes!!! Just GOTTA!!! *shakes you* …um, okay then. lol
      Oh yeah, Death Note is like a mind game, but with the mystery type, which I’m into. I haven’t watched any of the movies, but all of the anime.
      lol I haven’t watched Bleach for a while. I only watched up to the 5th episode, then I watched something past 100th episode on tv, and I was CONFUSED. lol Is that what you were talking about, the Soul Society arc? All those new characters? I like the guy with the short purple hair. ^^
      I haven’t seen Full Metal Alchemist. Is it good? Inuyasha was my first one, and it’s my FAV. Which character do you like most? Sesshomaru’s my fav. Totally adore him, and he’s getting better as the Final Act episodes roll on by. Ah, adoration, it gets you. …wait, is adoration even a word??? …well, it is in my world, so deal with it! xD

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