Everything by Lifehouse Religion Skit


Wow, I haven’t been on in almost a month or so huh? Sorry for being gone for so long. I couldn’t think of anything to post, but now there’s something that got me hooked. The religious skit played with the song Everything by Lifehouse is so enlightening. My church did this skit one day a week ago or something and I just cried. I couldn’t not cry. lol Here’s a skit that was recorded in 2006 and that I believe is the first skit ever:

It’s exactly like what my church did, with the cutting,God being pushed, and God calling the girl to him. I think God calling her is super important because some skits don’t have him doing that and it just ruins everything. People need to realize that God doesn’t just want us to find him, he’s trying to get us to follow him, and that’s what I learned from this skit. It’s so empowering, I just had to cry when God held all the bad things away from the girl. If you haven’t watched this skit already, watch it now from this video and comment on how it affected you and why. Well, it’s 12:21am where I am, so I’m going to sleep now. I spent all of last night watching the skit too.


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