Weird Shirts? I Know Of No Such Thing…Well, There’s Crazy Ones ;)


What’s up y’all!? I don’t know about anyone else, but I got just this week of school, and then Spring break!!! Yeah baby! haha It’s just one week, but I guess that’s a blessing on its own huh? Well anyway, my school has a free dress day at the end of every month (supposed to anyway lol), but this week it’s free dress week! I’ve been checking out the different cool shirts around my school, and then I started thinking about some crazy shirts I’ve seen around the place. Like these:

This is the first I've ever seen

haha I bet all guys think like that. There's even a girl's shirt, with the girl frowning lol

One of my classmates actually wore this in class. ...0.o If I tried thinking of a comment, I wouldn't have time to run the f*** away

hehe I wonder if she actually agrees with that shirt? ;)lol I wonder which sex made this one up? ūüėČ lol

No more will fit the page. lol Oh well, there’s other funny ones out there if you just take a look. I have a shirt with the Eve. L girl on it and¬†she says “Mischievous?” There’s also a heart at the bottom¬†with the words “Eve. L”.¬†Guess who got me that shirt? My¬†aunty. *crickets* Well, I was never ecstatic for her anyway. lol Just kidding.¬†¬†So, go out and see if you can find shirts like these, or even worse ones (although I don’t know what would be worse than that smiley¬†one. 0.o lol Well find¬†some and comment ’em on here, and tell me which ones you like and which ones you aren’t¬†so,¬†like me with my aunty,¬†“ecstatic” about. lol Well anyways,¬†I’ve seen numerous marriage ones other than the one I showed, so that could be an option. I wanna see what kinds of crazy¬†shirts are out there, so get to it!
p.s. Remember:
Smile if you’re not wearing undies ūüėČ

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