MODERN rock???

First of all, I apologize for being gone for so long.  It’s been so…you know, long. haha  Anyway, I’ve been looking up music on the internet.  I’m mostly into pop, rap (some, depends lol), and rock.  Pop is pretty basic, and rap, how can you miss it? lol  But rock, ugh.  It’s been abused and misused lately. haha  On this site I use called Playlist, the site made a playlist of “Modern Rock”, and I thought, okay, something modern, seems cool.  When I listen to a few, they’re slow and sound like 60’s music.  Oh God. haha  I’m more into the hard rock I suppose, where it’s loud, a lot of action going on, it sounds dark and deep and empowers you.  “modern” rock just made me feel like I was listening to jazz.  O.O  A year ago or so, I used to enjoy Three Days Grace.  They have depressing songs, but they’re empowering, so I enjoyed them.  Now I’m tired of feeling depressed (SUCH a shocker, someone not liking depression haha), so I’ve been listening to Hollywood Undead.  Three Days Grace has some non-depressing songs, but not much that I enjoy.  Hollywood Undead’s songs are empowering, a lot of musical action, and the words aren’t depressing.  Sure, they swear quite a lot, which I don’t approve much, but besides that, they are a good ROCK band.  As for “modern” rock?  NOT ROCK, PLEASE NO!  lol  Here’s the link for the playlist of songs:

It has 40 songs, and I only enjoyed 10 (at the most) of them.  What do you think of these?


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