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Are They Really Her Friends?

Posted in friends with tags , , on January 13, 2010 by Purple


I think I’m gonna have posts about just friends today. hehe I just feel like it today. So one friend of mine, kinda friend, :/ I don’t know anymore. But anyway, she has bad taste in friends. Really, she does. She hangs out with people who tease her behind her back, that ditch her all the time, and she just CLINGS to one girl that laughs when someone makes a  joke about her, the friend that has bad taste in friends. That’s the kind of friends I hate. My friend isn’t such a horrible person. Yeah, so she brings off a gloomy aura, but that doesn’t mean you should be mean to her. Like the two girls that tease her behind her back, it happens a lot. And those two and another girl, they all take advantage of my friend! It’s mean. Like one of the tease-behind-her-back girls ask my friend for things, and if my friend doesn’t give it to her, she’ll get mad at my friend. That’s total usage. It makes me sick. Then that girl that laughs when someone teases my friend. That girl IS nice, but I don’t care how funny the joke about my friend is, you do NOT laugh at your friend’s expense. Terrible friends, people can be. I make sure I’m always there for my friends, chatting, work, the works. Like my friend that is the chatty one, she doesn’t want to be a “loner”. Maybe that’s the only reason she hangs with me. I used to be a loner, and quite frankly, I don’t care if I’m a loner if I have to choose between shitty friends or lonership.

So yeah, I guess that’s basically it then. I’ll leave it at that, before I mention other things you’ll have to read through and need eye surgery from too much staring. lol Oh yeah, and tell me in a comment if you’ve experienced friends like the one my friend has. Or if you know someone with friends like that, how you feel about their situation. Whatever suits you. 🙂


What Exactly Are True Friends?

Posted in friends with tags , on January 13, 2010 by Purple


Hello again. I was unsure of what to post about today, but after chatting with a really good friend, I figured this would be just good enough. I like making posts that  my heart truly feels emotion to. So I have only a few friends, because I’m not very social, and unless I hang with someone a lot I don’t get attached (friendship in my book). So I have just three friends, I think, because I hang with them the most and I talk a bit with each of them. But one moved away, but I feel most connected to this person. Is it because I only use my computer to contact my friend? I feel shy face-to-face, so maybe that’s it. But anyway, one friend is super nice, and we hang out more than she does with any other friend. But we don’t talk often, and I don’t really feel anything. I’m helpful, and nice, but I just don’t feel as clingy to the friend I left. Is it because to me the friend that moved is what my concious thinks is my best friend? or just a friend? I can’t even decide. So anyway, the second friend I hang out with more and we chat more, but it’s just my friend’s behavior that sets me away a bit. Like once, I asked for help on a paper for school, question stuff. She wouldn’t let me see what she wrote. If I didn’t get it, of course I’d ask her. Is that truly cheating? And even if it is, wouldn’t a true friend help out anyway? So that’s what draws me away from true friendship with that person. I already mentioned that once that I’ve been to numerous schools in a different post. The one I’m currently in, my first friends were two girls that only hung out with each other. I was confused with the system, and they took me in. We hung out for a while, but they swore a lot, something I didn’t approve of, not that I mentioned it to them of course. When I met the friend that is super nice, I really liked her, and I just knew that I had to become friends with her. I hung out with her more, but it wasn’t until a year later. Maybe it was because her other friend and her grew apart a bit. But me, super nice girl, and hangout more friend, we have a group now. The one that moved hung with us too. She was the only one that I truly felt happy with. We played around, chatted, and…just freedom. When I talk to her, I truly feel like she’s listening and understanding me. When I talk with my chatty friend, I feel like she just looks at me and doesn’t think much of what I say unless she is really connected to it. I tried having fun with her too, but the connection just didn’t click. I can’t get myself to play around with her as much as I used to try. The girl that moved, I just want to talk to her, all the time. She tells me things that she never told anyone else, and I feel good about that. I tell her all sorts of things too, and we play and have fun. I was worried about hanging out outside of school, but you know what? I DO want to hang out. I think I’m ready to have fun face-to-face, at least with her. Maybe it’s my imagination, who knows. I just feel so connected with her.

Oops, I’ve really done my share this time. I wanted to talk about other things, but I’m pretty sure this is enough. I’ll make a different blog. I’m kind of lonely talking about my life without anyone else involved, so if you have something to say about this blog, don’t hesitate to comment, k? Thanks. See you! 🙂