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Inuyasha the Final Act: episode 17

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omg. This episode REALLY got me going. I was SO pleased with what happened, I almost cried. To put it simply, through a series of touching events, Sesshomaru’s pride is on the line, and he refuses to let it go. Thus, he regains his left arm, along with a cool sword called Bakusaiga. It’s super powerful. I’m a HUMUNGOUS Sesshomaru fan, and ever since Inuyasha the Final Act came up, I’ve been feeling more and more down for him. The little gifts he’s gotten in Inuyasha the Final Act was taken away, like the Meido Zangetsuha. This episode, however, recovered all of his losses. Bakusaiga AND his left arm!? Even without the sword, his left arm is a GRAND gift! I’m so happy that this episode happened. It really is a great turnout for Sesshomaru, for once. I mean, Sesshomaru always wins, but in the end, something goes wrong. Something is figured out that’s bad for him. It hurts me real badly.

Do you feel the same way? Comment and let’s become great Sesshomaru fan friends! ๐Ÿ˜€ I’d love that. I mean it too. I haven’t found many people that are super uber fans, and finding some that are still out there would be lovely.

Also, although I post episodes here, to keep you from being completely out of the loop everytime you visit my blog, I have a different blog for Inuyasha posts and happenings, chats, etc. Here’s the link:

Check it out and we could really start something! I love Inuyasha, and have…even before I was 8, so that’s more than 6 years into Inuyasha. It’s my favorite anime ever (although I’ve only experienced two animes, one that i didn’t even finish lol) and I’ll never part with it. The passion I have for this anime flows deeper than…than anyone’s feelings should for a cartoon. hehe

I’ve watched Death Note and enjoyed it, except for the end… And with Bleach, I only read three of the manga. What kind of anime/manga have you tried? Which ones do you like? Love? Hate?


Leave a comment saying all that stuff and we can chat about it! See ya!


Inuyasha: The Final Act episode 15

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Hello again. This blog is about the final act episode 15: True Heir. I’m a huge fan of Sesshomaru, and ever since the final act began, I’ve been thinking that more and more times has he been suffering. I’ve never noticed before, but ever since Inuyasha was awakened from Kikyo’s spell by Kagome, Sesshomaru has been receiving mind-boggling blows. And in this episode, he gets hurt real badly. It pains me to see him that way. And in the, 13 I believe, he gets knocked in the skull with the knowledge that his father didn’t really care if Sesshomaru had any use for Tenseiga or not. It’s cruel for him to be getting pained so much. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ It really does hurt me. If you want to watch this episode, go toย orย to see all of The Final Act episodes. I prefer the first link to watch the 15 episode, but I think shonensunday is best, so you at least know all the names and the vids are already up there. Shonensunday even has the Inuyasha episodes. If you didn’t already realize, I’m a huge fan of the Inuyasha series. They’re so good, I just can’t stand not thinking of at least something related to it. hehe Well, I’ll leave this blog to you. If you want to leave a comment, go right on ahead. It would actually make my day. ๐Ÿ™‚