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Super Bowl

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I’m not one for football, but my parents are, so we went to my grandma’s house yesterday. Dallas Cowboys v.s. Philadelphia Eagles. My mom likes the Cowboys, so we were hoping for them to win. And by A LOT, they did. lol Didn’t I hear on the tv that the Eagles haven’t won a game 6 times in a row? Poor them. If I’m mistaken, then whatever. It’s not a big deal, at least for me. You can comment that I’m wrong if I am. So yeah, I went to my grandma’s for that. My dad made hand-made burgers, and it was good. My Aunty brought pie, but my little sister has numerous allergies, so she could only have the whipped cream, and I only had the rest! Sucks. Then my older cousin made my baby sister go against me. Yeah sure, at first it’s funny, but after a while, it pisses me off. I need my siblings’ love, and manipulating a little kid like that is cruel.  I might make a blog about this later. So anyways, at midnight my family finally went home, like an hour after everyone else left. lol My uncle and my dad talk for HOURS. haha My family gets annoyed when everyone else wants to go home already, even are in the car for minutes after we told them we’re going already. hehe Well, that’s basically what’s up. I’m home now and tomorrow’s school. I hate school, but hey, I’m a kid, what can I do? And college will help me in the future, so…gotta deal with it. See you.


My Sports

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1/8/2010                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  (p.s. Nomatter what this site says the date is, I’m always right ^^)

I only took a sport when I was in 7th grade. Let’s just say I went to several other schools before I came to the one I’m in, the one I joined in 7th grade. My other schools didn’t have sports teams, but the one I’m currently in does. I joined Volleyball in 7th grade. The sport was hard to play, and I didn’t quite understand the game and the rules and such either. I tried though, and made it to all the practices. There were too many girls on the team, so we had to get cut. I was afraid, but I made it. I was afraid of screwing up during a game though, and on the first game, I did mess up. RIGHT after that mess up, the coach took me out, and I NEVER got back in, into ANY games. This fact burns within my soul, because I gave my all to that coach. Sure, I didn’t play well, but I gave him my loyalty. It’s hard to do that, for me anyways. I came to every practice, went to every game, even brought food when it was MY turn, even though I didn’t even PLAY! That pisses me off. I wanted to quit, and just two weeks into the sport my friend did as well. I devoted myself to that team though, so I stayed the whole season. But I vowed that never again would I play for those coaches. The team was crappy too, always wanting to have a different partner other than me. Bitches. Hate them all. Pisses me off, how they treated me. But I stayed for the sport, to prove to the coach that I wasn’t just there to be the star of the team. But playing at SOME games would’ve been nice! So from that time on, I vowed to never again play for that coach. I’m in the middle of 8th grade now, and they have a new coach. But the season is already in session, so I can’t participate. Oh well, there’s always next year.

So now you know my story. That part, at least. 🙂 I have so much more to share, but I’ll go now. I need to get ready to go to my sister’s Basketball game. She’s a great player, it’s just her teammates that suck. She’s the one that convinced me to join volleyball too. And now she’s opened up basketball for me too. But I don’t REALLY enjoy those sports. I LOVE swimming, but it’s my weight that holds me back. *sigh* Is there ANY sport that I can join while having a PASSION for?