My Reaction To Blood

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Sometimes I can handle seeing blood, but sometimes I can’t. In real life, I can probably take it, if it’s not too much, but the description of blood or seeing it in a movie makes me feel uneasy. Like during English class, we were reading a passage that described a husband as the wife’s “red velvet cake”, and how she murdered him was how she “cut her velvet cake”. It was disgusting. My legs went all numb during that reading. I couldn’t stand it. Then while I was watching Jennifer’s Body, when the band was “sacrificing” Jennifer, I couldn’t take it. My legs got all numb and I just managed to walk into my room. Seriously, I banged into the wall on the way there. Even watching Saw, the movie where that guy got his gut cut up, even while he was still alive. My stomach got uneasy during that part. I can’t take that kind of thing, watching or reading the gruesome details of that. It’s sickening. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Maybe all this has to do with my fear of knives. I describe the situation here:
I don’t know what’s wrong with me, I just get uneasy during those situations. What do you think about all this? Post your comments here.



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Last night, my older sister was playing with me in the kitchen. She took out a huge knife, and I literally screamed, and I could feel the organs in my throat vibrate. It was like, in soprano mode or something. You know what the funny part was? I remember every single thing I did before that moment, but when I saw that knife, I don’t even know what I did. Did I just close my eyes and scream, or look at the knife and scream? I got no clue. haha Well anyways, my dad was in the kitchen too, and he looked at me in disbelief. My neighborhood is super quiet, and my voice could probably be heard everywhere. I can’t help it though, I just can’t stand looking at knives. It freaks me out. Whenever I see one, I just scream hysterically. It’s weird, yet funny at the same time. Even when my sister grabbed a butter knife from a cake box in front of me. I gave out a scream and scurried back. Also when I watched Jennifer’s body, when she got “sacrified”, my legs got numb. I saw the knife they were going to use, and I just couldn’t take it. I can just imagine what I would be like if a burglar came into my house and brought out a knife. I’d frickin scream, and that would be the last noise I would make. haha I can’t help it though. I’m not like, irrationally afraid of knives, it’s just a reflex of mine to scream when I see one.

That’s my story. I can’t quite tell if I actually have a knife phobia or paranoia towards knives. I don’t think it’s either, and here’s why:


an exaggerated usually inexplicable and illogical fear of a particular object, class of objects, or situationan


a thought process heavily influenced by anxiety or fear, often to the point of irrationality and delusion

Which do you think I have? Is it neither, the way I think of it? What’s a good word for it then? The symptom I have, the natural reflex I have towards seeing a knife? Comment your answer here.

Inuyasha the Final Act: episode 17

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omg. This episode REALLY got me going. I was SO pleased with what happened, I almost cried. To put it simply, through a series of touching events, Sesshomaru’s pride is on the line, and he refuses to let it go. Thus, he regains his left arm, along with a cool sword called Bakusaiga. It’s super powerful. I’m a HUMUNGOUS Sesshomaru fan, and ever since Inuyasha the Final Act came up, I’ve been feeling more and more down for him. The little gifts he’s gotten in Inuyasha the Final Act was taken away, like the Meido Zangetsuha. This episode, however, recovered all of his losses. Bakusaiga AND his left arm!? Even without the sword, his left arm is a GRAND gift! I’m so happy that this episode happened. It really is a great turnout for Sesshomaru, for once. I mean, Sesshomaru always wins, but in the end, something goes wrong. Something is figured out that’s bad for him. It hurts me real badly.

Do you feel the same way? Comment and let’s become great Sesshomaru fan friends! 😀 I’d love that. I mean it too. I haven’t found many people that are super uber fans, and finding some that are still out there would be lovely.

Also, although I post episodes here, to keep you from being completely out of the loop everytime you visit my blog, I have a different blog for Inuyasha posts and happenings, chats, etc. Here’s the link:

Check it out and we could really start something! I love Inuyasha, and have…even before I was 8, so that’s more than 6 years into Inuyasha. It’s my favorite anime ever (although I’ve only experienced two animes, one that i didn’t even finish lol) and I’ll never part with it. The passion I have for this anime flows deeper than…than anyone’s feelings should for a cartoon. hehe

I’ve watched Death Note and enjoyed it, except for the end… And with Bleach, I only read three of the manga. What kind of anime/manga have you tried? Which ones do you like? Love? Hate?


Leave a comment saying all that stuff and we can chat about it! See ya!

Flute Music Sheets For Inuyasha Songs

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Do you play an instrument? Love a song so much you want to play it on your awesome instrument? Can’t find the right music sheet for it though? That’s my problem too. I’m not sure what music I’m after, but any Inuyasha song will do. I’ve been looking on Google for half an hour already and my eyes are sore. I love all the Inuyasha songs, and I’m sorry I can’t be more descriptive. It’s just that when I listen to my playlist of Inuyasha songs, I remember the past, and it makes me gloomy. Don’t misunderstand me though. I LOVE Inuyasha, it’s just the feelings I used to have during the years when I first began watching them. So if you know of a site that could help me, please share it. All sites will be examined and appreciated. Thank you.

By the way, a sheet for only flutes would be simpler for me. Some sites that I went to mentioned that piano music sheets can be used by flute players, but I can’t see how that’s possible. I know Inuyasha is a super old anime, but if there’s ANY hope of finding flute music sheets for any Inuyasha song, I will be ecstatic about that. I look forward to any suggested sites, so don’t hesitate to comment one. Thank you so much for your time.

Categorizing Posts

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I have 8 posts in the Uncategorized category, but I only put a check mark next to Uncategorized for one post. :/ I checked all 8 posts, and only one had a check mark next to Uncategorized. I even tried to put a check mark by Uncategorized for one of the posts in that category, save it, then take the check mark off, and save that, but the post didn’t leave the Uncategorized category. This is really annoying me. If anyone knows how to help me, please tell me. Thank you so much for reading this.

Stats Gone Loony?

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And I’m pretty sure my stats are crazy because whenever I check them it always says there’s some sort of amount of viewers, but when I check to see who, the page says none. Weird. Am I checking the wrong place, or is it just my stats being mean? Like when I click on Dashboard, then Stats, that line graph that shows your viewer amount is there right? Well I clicked on the highest point, but the page’s section that tells you who visited said “none”. I’m getting pretty annoyed here. My spirit goes up when I see a high point, but then when I click on it, there’s no viewers. Oh no, I’m not getting discouraged by that, I’m just getting pissed. The graph is either lying to me or the viewer section is messing with me. Either way, their little joke isn’t funny. If the joke’s on me, if I looked at the wrong place, or went somewhere where what I was looking for wouldn’t be there, then the joke is literally on me. So go ahead. Either help me out or laugh at me. I don’t care if you laugh at me, as long as you help me out. ^_^

Well, there’s the option of just going away…but you wouldn’t do that to me, right???


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Do you know about the site called fml? The link is, and it’s super funny. I found one that was funny, really funny, and one that was hilarious. Here is the funny one:

  • “Today, I got into an argument with my 16 year old daughter. Towards the end of our fight, she screamed, ‘Go f*** a whale!’ just as my wife/her stepmother walked into the room. My daughter stared at her for a second, looked back at me, and said, ‘Go f*** YOUR whale.’ FML”

Haha. That was funny, but kind of usual. The next one, the really funny one, is better:

  • “I was babysitting my 2 y/o niece. I could tell she was hungry so I decided to make her a grille cheese sandwich for her. She took a bite. and pointed to the kitchen. She walked me over to trash bin, and pointed to the trash bin and spit the food out and gave me a dirty look. FML”

Ah, classic kid comedy. These are all in the Kid section, but toddlers acting up like that is priceless. Here’s one that I feel is hilarious:

  • “Today, I got in a fight with my daughter about her older boyfriend. She protested, saying that not every guy wanted to have sex with her. I responded with, ‘Maria, EVERY GUY wants to have sex with you.’ She paused, and said, ‘So you want to have sex with me too?’ FML”

xD oh em gee classic stupid girl act. Either that or she’s being a smart allic. Love this one.

So tell me, did you like the ratings I gave these fmls? Did you like the fmls at all? Which ones on the site do you enjoy most? I haven’t been there for a while, but today I went and now I’ll probably go there three times a week or so. It’s so good, but I do have things to do. Four, five days maybe. Don’t forget to comment your opinions!