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Is My Band Teacher Going Crazy Or Am I Actually Getting Better?

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As you might know, maybe not, I play the flute, and yesterday, I had a test. I don’t think I’m the least bit good at playing the flute. Well, at least I can play individual notes, unlike some of my classmates, but I don’t want to be “not the worst”, I want to be good. So anyway, whenever I have tests during Band class, my heat gets heated up. Seriously, I can feel the heat around my skin. lol I was like that the whole time, and when it was my turn too. If you didn’t already know, in band classes tests work with one person going at a time. So it was my turn, and I practiced before class started and I thought I wasn’t that bad,¬†but I got nervous and when I started playing, my mind went blank. I was doing okay, but when I hit the rest, the next notes were off the metronome. Yeah, you heard me right, I had to play by the beat of a metronome. Actually not that hard, when it’s played slowly, which thank god it was. I stopped then and said out loud, “Aw, I had it.” I was going to ask for a redo, but my teacher let me play from the rest. I did okay after that. But God, was I pissed from my pause. I thought I did horribly all together, but I actually got 100%. Maybe my Band teacher was on drugs or something. lol I would’ve been okay with a 90% or something, but he gave me all 100. Insanity. I don’t think I actually did that well. Who knows? I liked playing the test song though. It had new notes that we just learned the other class period though, so I was worried. During my practice, before class, I made a system on how to change keys during the song, and I thought I had it down. My trip after the pause pissed me off. Thank God for good days. I’m actually enjoying playing my flute now adays in class. It isn’t so bad, but maybe that’s because I really am playing better, who knows.
My older sister has been playing the guitar for months now, and she’s wonderful. I don’t know when she was ever bad, except maybe the first week. But after that, total success. She says it’s practice, and maybe she’s right. I don’t know. I still can’t believe how well I’m improving. I’m enjoying playing my flute more than ever now.
What kind of instruments do you enjoy? Any you hate? I’ve heard people tease the banjo, but seriously, what’s so wrong with it??? I wouldn’t take it, cause it looks so ameatur, but besides that, I don’t think it’s so bad. Do you guys play any instruments? The flute was my first actual instrument I’ve played, proffessionally. I played a plastic flute in 3rd grade with my Music teacher, but it wasn’t for the whole year, so not so severe and proffessional. If you play an instrument, love one, or hate one, come share it with me on a comment now. See ya. ūüôā


Flute Music Sheets For Inuyasha Songs

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Do you play an instrument? Love a song so much you want to play it on your awesome instrument? Can’t find the right music sheet for it though? That’s my problem too. I’m not sure what music I’m after, but any Inuyasha song will do. I’ve been looking on Google for half an hour already and my eyes are sore. I love all the Inuyasha songs, and I’m sorry I can’t be more descriptive. It’s just that when I listen to my playlist of Inuyasha songs, I remember the past, and it makes me gloomy. Don’t misunderstand me though. I LOVE Inuyasha, it’s just the feelings I used to have during the years when I first began watching them. So if you know of a site that could help me, please share it. All sites will be examined and appreciated. Thank you.

By the way, a sheet for only flutes would be simpler for me. Some sites that I went to mentioned that piano music sheets can be used by flute players, but¬†I can’t see how that’s possible. I know Inuyasha is a super old anime, but if there’s ANY hope of finding flute music sheets for any Inuyasha song, I will be ecstatic about that. I look forward to any suggested sites, so don’t hesitate to comment one. Thank you so much for your time.

My Instrument

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I think it’s time to give you a little info on my instrument, why I chose it, what’s going on in Band class now.¬†Well, here’s¬†what my instrument looks like:

It has numerous keys, see? And each plays¬†something different.¬†I’m not sure if it’s the instrument, that it’s damaged or¬†what, but I just realized that I can’t play well unless I¬†press hard on the keys. Youch. Like during¬†class, we were playing some stuff, and when I pressed hard on the keys, the tune just sounded so alive. I was so astonished that¬†I lost my place! lol Well anyways, the reason I chose to play this marvelous toughy is because I¬†like the sound it made when I listened to music during an anime. lol Well, it does sound nice, but now that I’ve tried it, I realize that it’s the most beautiful-sounding, most wonderful and enchanting, most HARD TO PLAY INSTRUMENT IN A BAND. …What the f***!? At the beginning of the school year, when we were picking out our instruments, my teacher said that the flute was the easiest to play! But now!? Ugh. Super hard. It does sound wonderful, but it’s just too hard to make it sound like that. I can’t understand all the notes in a song. It’s so hard. Then switching during eighth notes!? Yeah, it happens! So hard. I’ve only mastered the 5 basic notes, while we’ve been taught like 5 other ones. XD (crack up in a psychotic i feel horrible for myself kind of way) My teacher said it’s easy to get an A in class, as long as we show¬†teacher that we have improved. But it’s so hard, I hate it. Then the teacher mentions that we seem to not want to play, that we always ask when the bell is gonna ring and such. xD Well teach, we only go over one number out of the 20 we do a day for only a minute or two! How the FUCK are we supposed to learn all this shit so fast!? I’m not the usual swear kind of person, but this stuff pisses me off. I do NOT want a bad grade, and I feel that it is just a week away. I hate that fact. It’s excruciatingly painful. I can’t fail, I just can’t. I won’t stand for it. I don’t want one, I…got tears in my eyes. ūüė¶ And no kidding, I really do have tears. The thought of failing, the thought of staying back a grade, it…so painful. ūüė•