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The Japanese Language

Posted in about purple, languages with tags , , , , , on February 8, 2010 by Purple


I’d first like to apologize for being gone for a week. I couldn’t come up with anything, or remember what I had planned. ^^ But today for school I had to choose next year’s classes. I really want to take a language class, and I’m greatly interested in the Japanese culture anyway, so Japanese is something I want to learn. My family wants me to choose Spanish, but…I don’t know. It just seems kind of…something everyone else is doing, so why not me, for the hell of it? I want to make my own decisions, and Japanese interests me so much.
So Japanese is my first choice, then there’s some others, but I don’t think you want me to blab on about it all (unless you beg me to ^^ just kiddin) Like I said, the Japanese culture is very interesting to me, and the language isn’t that bad either. It sounds empowering, and, of course, since I only know English, it sounds distant, and unknown. But not in that, what is that? Kind of thing, like Spanish, or those other ones. I think Philipeno chat sounds super annoying. Spanish is cool, but Japanese seems more distant, more unknown and intrigueing. Plus, to write the language is making art itself. Look at this:

The top letters (Japanese writing) means Inuyasha

It’s from my favorite anime, Inuyasha. I’m not sure what one symbol means, but with the Japanese class, maybe one day I will. Ha. It seems that my choices for classes nowadays have become based on this one anime. Truly incredible, unbelievable even. I chose band, my flute, in the hopes that I could one day play music from this anime. Now I’m taking a language class in the hopes that I can be better aquainted with this anime once I complete the class. Mmm…Are you into anything that has given you the drive to make a decision that could change your life? And classes aren’t something to fool around with, yet I’m making rash decisions based on it. Hehe I can’t help myself, I’m too in love with the anime. Speaking of which, I’m gonna go now and watch the newest episode now. is the place to go for the newest episodes, now called Inuyasha: The Final Act. There’s other animes there as well. I’m off now! Goodbye! 😀