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High Schools Are Slacking On What They’re Famous For…Actual Fights

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What happened to the good old days where crowds of excited and screaming students cheered and booed during fist fights? I loved those days, and although I don’t want to be in one, I was looking forward to High School to watch some great action. During today’s lunch period, a crowd of High Schoolers gathered near the cafeteria and made a big commotion. What for you ask? Of course, a fight. But wait! There’s more! It’s a dance fight! Oh God, kill me now. Who the hell would get excited over a dance fight? Yes, it is entertaining, in its own way, but why would there be an immense crowd, with screaming and excited students? Some High Schooler was actually video taping it. What-the-hell? High School is really getting lame now. A dance fight is cool, but don’t get me riled up just for a dance fight. Now that’s just annoying. The hilarious part about it all(if it isn’t already clear)? One of our school security guards came by (10 minutes after it started, mind you) and just watched. When one of the dance fighters hit the other, she was like, “No hitting”. Oh God, so lame. And I’ve never seen an actual fist fight before either. I’m so dissapointed. Have you guys ever seen one before? I bet it was wonderful. I hope you share the experience with me from a comment. By the way, I’m not even sure if there’s another way to communicate anyway on this site. lol



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So today was school for me, but the classes I had today were horrible. Now I already hate all my classes I have today, but today Band just made me go crazy. Let me set the scene for you. Our teacher has us in rows, right? And one person out of each row is the leader for their row, preferrably the one that’s the most experienced. Now my leader SUCKS. I already didn’t like that person years ago, and now they are my section’s leader. Sucks right? But wait, there’s more. …for confidentiality, let’s call this person shim. I get seated comfortably with someone that I enjoy being around, but my leader switches the seating! Not only does shim make me have my seating differently, but shim makes me sit by shim, and I’m at the end of the row too! How fucked up is that!? My mind is similar to an elephant’s one. I remember everything, especially things I keep to my heart. Example is the bad things in life. I know it’s bad to harbor over those kinds of things, but I’m stuck with it just as a fly is stuck with a spider’s web. Nomatter how hard I try to get away, the memories flow back. So anyways, I mentioned that because I can’t remember what causeed me to not like shim, I just don’t. But today shim did something I won’t soon be forgetting. At the beginning of class, the teacher gives me a note sheet for a song. I put it on my stand. Then shim comes by and we share the stand. Now I’ll tell you right now: I don’t like sharing stands. When I tell you what shim did today, you’ll understand why. So when the teacher gives me the paper, I put it over my book. Now when class starts, I stretch my hand out to grab the sheet and move it to the back, but shim grabs it and puts it behind my book where I can’t get it. So I get this protective streak coming out, but I don’t say anything. I figure if shim tries anything, I’ll tell shim it’s mine. So class begins, we play our instruments, the teacher teaches, but shim is over there moving the stand, so shim can see better! WHAT THE FUCK! I made it so that BOTH of us could see it! But I don’t want to make shim think I have a problem, so I secretly move the stand back to its former position when I get the chance, when shim looks away. But even after doing that, shim moves it again! We’re supposed to SHARE THE GOD DAMN THING, ASSWIPE! God! I still don’t say anything, but I try to move it again secretly. It works for a while, but asswipe there gotta move it again! Man, I couldn’t even concentrate on my music. I just felt like beating the shit out of shim. Not that I’m good in band anyway. But I don’t say anything, as usual, but I do get this thought: fine, be that way, I’ll just shove that attempt up your ass. I moved closer to shim on my chair, and eventually hit shim on the shoulder with my instrument. I acted like I didn’t mean that to happen, going bug-eyed, and secretly half of me didn’t want to hit shim. I just felt so pissed though. But shim acts like nothing even happened, so class just continues as always. Now the teacher wants to look at the sheet  gave the class earlier. We play some of it (well for me I attempted lol), and soon shim asks me if I had a paper like the one we’re looking at. I think to myself: YOU LITTLE PRICK ASS! It’s MY paper! But I just say: “yeah, this one” and point to the music sheet. But shim keeps asking the same question, as if the sheet was shims! Pissed me off. I couldn’t concentrate on my music again. When class finally ends, we put our things away, and shim walks off with my sheets! God, pissed me off, little piece of shit. Oh yeah, ” if shim tries anything, I’ll tell shim it’s mine.” TOTALLY what happened. <—- *note the sarcasm* Ugh, I don’t like making scenes, so I just ignore stuff. To tell you the truth, I can’t really remember the scene when the teacher gave me those sheets. But I can backup my claim somehow: I was the one that put those sheets on my book. So it HAD to be mine. Damn *words I would call shim but I feel like if I tell you you might figure out the gender, which I wouldn’t want*

So there you have it. A person without manners is someone like shim. Oh yes, there’s much more to manners than what shim  did not demonstrate, but for now, let’s keep it like this. What? You didn’t see anything wrong with what shim did? Well, how about changing our stand, which I brought out, with my book, which I setted up so that both of us could see well. Then taking my sheets! Damn shit. Hate it. I want to be switched back with my old buddy! I don’t want to be with that prick anymore! I HATE shim! While my old partner wasn’t too good, at least they were nice and made me laugh sometimes. But with shim, all I get is a HEADACHE!


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xD I was thinking of a subject to type about, and when homework struck my mind, a huge smile crossed my face. Oh God, do I hate homework. lol Why go to school to just continue with the work at home? I’m a fridgin kid for Christ’s sake! I’m supposed to have fun after school! And that’s the law I go by, which gets me into a lot of trouble. hehe I just can’t do my homework at home. It just won’t get done. I usually go on my computer, watch tv, or play on my DSi when I get home. Even when I know that I have homework, some that is due tomorrow, I just don’t do it. Then when it’s nighttime, like 9pm, I start on my homework. xD I just can’t do it when I get home. It’s an impossibilty. Homework hates me, and I hate homework. lol I think it’s stupid to have work for home hours. OMG. ESPECIALLY during the WEEKEND! COME ON!!! It’s MY time! FOR CHRIST’S SAKE! Oh…my…GOD. When I get homework during the BREAK, I just freak out. I don’t want to be thinking about homework during my breaks, people! Jesus christ! Ugh.

Well there you have my rant on homework. If you agree, write a comment will ya? If you don’t agree, you’re probably a dull adult. xD Just kiddin. Whether you agree or not, I’d like to know, so comment this post with your opinion. But remember, nomatter what: HOMEWORK SUCKS