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High Schools Are Slacking On What They’re Famous For…Actual Fights

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What happened to the good old days where crowds of excited and screaming students cheered and booed during fist fights? I loved those days, and although I don’t want to be in one, I was looking forward to High School to watch some great action. During today’s lunch period, a crowd of High Schoolers gathered near the cafeteria and made a big commotion. What for you ask? Of course, a fight. But wait! There’s more! It’s a dance fight! Oh God, kill me now. Who the hell would get excited over a dance fight? Yes, it is entertaining, in its own way, but why would there be an immense crowd, with screaming and excited students? Some High Schooler was actually video taping it. What-the-hell? High School is really getting lame now. A dance fight is cool, but don’t get me riled up just for a dance fight. Now that’s just annoying. The hilarious part about it all(if it isn’t already clear)? One of our school security guards came by (10 minutes after it started, mind you) and just watched. When one of the dance fighters hit the other, she was like, “No hitting”. Oh God, so lame. And I’ve never seen an actual fist fight before either. I’m so dissapointed. Have you guys ever seen one before? I bet it was wonderful. I hope you share the experience with me from a comment. By the way, I’m not even sure if there’s another way to communicate anyway on this site. lol


My Sports

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1/8/2010                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  (p.s. Nomatter what this site says the date is, I’m always right ^^)

I only took a sport when I was in 7th grade. Let’s just say I went to several other schools before I came to the one I’m in, the one I joined in 7th grade. My other schools didn’t have sports teams, but the one I’m currently in does. I joined Volleyball in 7th grade. The sport was hard to play, and I didn’t quite understand the game and the rules and such either. I tried though, and made it to all the practices. There were too many girls on the team, so we had to get cut. I was afraid, but I made it. I was afraid of screwing up during a game though, and on the first game, I did mess up. RIGHT after that mess up, the coach took me out, and I NEVER got back in, into ANY games. This fact burns within my soul, because I gave my all to that coach. Sure, I didn’t play well, but I gave him my loyalty. It’s hard to do that, for me anyways. I came to every practice, went to every game, even brought food when it was MY turn, even though I didn’t even PLAY! That pisses me off. I wanted to quit, and just two weeks into the sport my friend did as well. I devoted myself to that team though, so I stayed the whole season. But I vowed that never again would I play for those coaches. The team was crappy too, always wanting to have a different partner other than me. Bitches. Hate them all. Pisses me off, how they treated me. But I stayed for the sport, to prove to the coach that I wasn’t just there to be the star of the team. But playing at SOME games would’ve been nice! So from that time on, I vowed to never again play for that coach. I’m in the middle of 8th grade now, and they have a new coach. But the season is already in session, so I can’t participate. Oh well, there’s always next year.

So now you know my story. That part, at least. 🙂 I have so much more to share, but I’ll go now. I need to get ready to go to my sister’s Basketball game. She’s a great player, it’s just her teammates that suck. She’s the one that convinced me to join volleyball too. And now she’s opened up basketball for me too. But I don’t REALLY enjoy those sports. I LOVE swimming, but it’s my weight that holds me back. *sigh* Is there ANY sport that I can join while having a PASSION for?